Journal Issues

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 1 - 2002

Wei Wei Cai and Gail G. Bollin – Opening Students’ Minds to Other Cultures

Barbara A. Crawford and Vincent N. Lunetta – Promoting the Development of a Personal Philosophy of Teaching in Prospective Secondary Science Teachers

Thomas A. Evitts and Jane M. Wilburne – Packing for the Future: Best Practice in Secondary Mathematics Methods Courses

Belinda G. Gimbert – Learning to Teach: The Lived Experience of Being an Intern in a Professional Development School

Denise G. Meister – Beginning Teachers’ Reflections on their Preserve Training

Connie M. Moss, Kathleen A. Gosnell, Susan M. Brookhart, and Jacqueline Haber – The Role of Rubrics in Reflective Practice: Moving Preservice Teachers from “Goal-Seeking” to :Goal-Getting” Dispositions

Jonelle E. Pool, Erin Ashenfelder, Brendon Clark, and Charles Dittrich – Reality Bytes: Exploring First-Year Teacher Journals with Preservice Teachers

John R. Ward and Suzanne S. McCotter – A Comparison of Two Approaches to Meeting NCATE 2000 Standards

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 2 - 2003

John Criswell – The Use of Grade Point Averages to Improve the Quality of Novice Teachers: consequences and Risks

David M. Dees, Casee Campbell, Jayme Jones, Susan Pennock, and Melissa Samad – The Act of Performance: Re-thinking Teaching and Teacher Education through an Undergraduate Course Experience

John Durnin – Preservice Teachers Taught Classroom Technology by Inservice Teachers

Ellen Fennick – Proactive Planning for Inclusive Lessons

Debra M. Freedman – Challenging Prior Beliefs and Media Representations of Teachers Through Dialogue and Reflection

Vahid Motamedi and Linda M. Fleming – Assessing Computer Techology Training in Teacher Education Programs

Kathleen Sillman, Thomas M. Dana, and Matthew Miller – Fifth-Year Teacher: From Mentored to Mentoring

Jocelynn L. Smrekar and Melissa J. Marks – A Dialogue in Diversity: Taking the First Step

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 3 - 2004

Diane Nelson Bryen, Brian Berry, and Patricia J. Creegan – Toward Change in teacher Preparation: A Case Study in Change

Kay A. Chick – Improving Teaching and Learning with Instructional Rubrics

Mary Kropiewnicki and Lynn Baynum – Developing Preservice Teachers’ Competency with Academic Standards: An Instructional Framework

Mark Mraz, Mary Vetere, and Marjorie Wuthrick – The Normal School Curriculum: Slippery Rock State Normal School of Pennsylvania as a Case Study

Rose M. Pringle and Courtney A. Johnson – Self-reflection Profile and Microteaching: Exploring a Route to Learning to Teach Science

Suzanne M. Rose – Developing candidates’ Confidence to Teach Reading: The influence of Action Research in a Professional Development School Setting

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 4 - 2005

Bernard Badiali and Donna J. Hammond – Co-teaching as an Alternative to the Take-over Phenomenon

Ellen Fennick and Kathleen A. Bowes – What teacher Educators discovered About Assistive Technology in Schools

Ruth McKoy Lowery, Donna Sabis-Burns, and Shawn Brown – Preparing Preservice Teachers to Create Positive Learning Environments in Culturally Diverse Classrooms

Thomas Mastrilli – The Status of Environmental Education in Pennsylvania’s Elementary Teacher Education Programs

Tina M. Sweeley and Bernard R. Brogan – Teachers’ Views on Danielson’s Evaluation Model: What Teacher Educators Should Know

Deborah S. Yost – Reforming Teacher Education Practices: Linking Research and School-Based Knowledge

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 5 - 2006

Claudia Balach and George Szymanski – Arenas of Work within a PDS Framework: An Emerging System of Data, Literature and Experience

Kimetta R. Hairston – The Culture Learning Process in Higher Education: An Examination of Cultural Awareness and Culturally Responsive Teaching

Jane Keat, Mary Napoli, Karthigeyan Subramaniam, and Jane Wilburne – Reconceptualizing Preservice Teachers’ Field Experiences Through a Structured Reflection Model

Patricia Kolencik and Joyce Overly – Teaching Large Classes: Techniques and Strategies for Effective Course Management

Patricia Kramer – Preparing Beginning Teachers to Develop Effective Relationships with Students’ Families

Mark Mraz – John Dewey as Teacher

Linda Norris and Kelly Jean Norris – Creating a Winning Classroom Environment: Engaging Students and Minimizing Behavioral Disruptions in the Secondary Classroom

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 6 - 2007

Parveen Ali - Muslims in American Schools: A Guide for Teachers

Ronald Lombard and Ellen Ashburn - A Collaborative Evaluation Model of Student Teacher Competence Using Form PDE-430

Lori Dira Smolleck and Allie Hills - The Development and Validation of a Rubric for Assessing the Teaching of Science as Inquiry

Annmarie R. Ward and Carla Zembal-Saul - Scientist-Science Teacher Educator Partnerships for Developing and Teaching Science Courses for Preservice Elementary Teachers

Craig A. Wilson - The Development and Implementation of a Middle School Science Certification Program for Preservice Special Education Teachers

William Yerger - Bullying in Schools: Implications for Schools and Teacher Education Programs

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 7 - 2008

Ellen E. Ballock - The Development and Evaluation of a Tool for Purposefully Examining and Improving Critical Friends Groups

Veronica I. Ent and Wanda M. Reynolds - Teaching Preservice Teachers the Message Delivery Techniques of Fred Rogers

Cinda Findlan - Model a Culturally Responsive Classroom Using Inclusive Rituals

Jane M. Wilburne and Jim Bohan - Teacher Candidates’ Assessment Competencies: What Do Pennsylvania School Districts Value?

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 8 - 2009

Patricia S. Arter and Kathleen Ruthkosky - Universal Design for Learning: One University’s Efforts to Prepare Preservice Teachers

Tammy Brown, Simon Saba, and Sandra Genduso - Developing Competence in the New Literacies: What Teachers Need to Know

John Criswell and James Nolan - James Flynn, PAC-TE Leader Extraordinaire

Laurie B. Hanich and Jane S. Bray - No Child Left Behind: An Examination of Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge and Preparation

Jim Flynn - Random Reflections of a Retiring Executive Director

Graciela Slesaransky-Poe, Colleen F. Tomko, and Kathleen Wirth - Arcadia Annual Inclusion Institute: From Professional Development to Professional Learning

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 9 - 2010

Patricia S. Arter, Susan M. Perlis, Kathleen Ruthkosky, and Ellen Burkhouse - Student Response Systems: Reflections on One Approach to Interactive Instruction

Tammy B. H. Brown - Helping Teachers to Create “Third Spaces” in the Classroom through Literature Circle Discussions

Stephen J. Bugaj and Jane L. Penman - Pennsylvania’s Commitment to Students Who are Gifted and Talented: Meaningful Intentions but Little Substance?

Susan E. Fello - “Hey, Lady, are you sweatin’?”: A College Professor’s Experiences as a Substitute Teacher

Cinda Findlan and James Preston - Metacognitive Approaches: Five Strategies to Support Math Problem-Solving

Allan Nail and Nina R. Girard - A Model of Online Support for Preservice Teachers’ Transfer of Theory to Practice

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 10 - 2011

Patricia S. Arter - Teaching, Scholarship, and Service: Collaborative Products of a Program for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Tammy B. H. Brown and Kathy Ruthkosky - Students Achieving Success and Inspiring Excellence (SASIE): Creating a Third Space for Growth through a University and Community Partnership

Mark W. Deitrick and A. Lee Williams - Silos, Higher Education and Transfer Articulation: Quality and the Ish Factor

Stephanie Mackler and Alexandra Wilson - Studying the Un-Realities of School: Using Hollywood Films to Help Preservice Teachers Develop Cultural Competence

Maude Yacapsin - Self-Care for the Student Teacher: A Promising New Practice for Teacher Education Programs

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 11 - 2012

Patricia Arter, Francis DeMatteo, Marcie Paulhamus, and Amanda Reese -  Bridging the Gap: An Interdisciplinary, Experiential Model between School Psychology and Special Education

Michelle R. Gonzalez and Christine L. Fryer - From Our Classroom to Their Classroom: A Community Partnership Toward Quality Early Intervention Programming

Marilyn S. Howe - Common Core State Standards and Implications for Teacher Education Programs

Amy Rogers, Marisa Macy, and Rachel Hickoff-Cresko - A Window of Opportunity for Quality Field Experiences: Developing Partnerships to Support Pre-professional Practicum

Stacie M. Wolbert - “Put Me In, Teach”: Using Cultural Immersion Experiences to Gain Greater Understanding of Urban Students, Schools, and Communities

Kevin Zook and Gwyneth Price - Beyond Bloom: Toward a Conditions-based Approach to Instructional Planning

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 12 - 2013

Julie Ankrum and Bethany McConnell - Lost in Translation: Understanding Common Terms of RTI in Reading

Veronica I. Ent and Stacie Nowikowski - Tiers Without Fears:A Model for Teaching Preservice Teachers How to Teach Online

Jason T. Hilton -  Pedagogy for Digital Literacy: Advancing “Hyperreading” Skills in the Classroom

Amy Ricketts - The Five Commonplaces: A Curriculum Analysis and Its Implications for Teacher Education

Nicole E. Titus - A Review of Literature Investigating Coteaching Influences in Teacher Education Programs

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 13 - 2014

Vickilyn Barnot, Katrina Brown, Katie Klinger, and Shelly Franklin  - A Case Study of Collaboration between Science Faculty and Preservice Early Childhood Education Teachers: A Pathway to Increase Self-Efficacy and Positive Attitudes toward Physical Science

Brian Berry and Roseanna J. Wright - Assessing the Needs of University Students in Blended-Course Learning: Implications for Course Design and Instruction

Michele L. Brague - Preservice Teachers’ Lived Experiences of the Mentoring Relationship with Their University Supervisors

Melinda S. Burchard - An Analysis of Evidence-Based Teaching Practices from Meta-Analyses 2000 to 2014 for Kindergarten through Middle School

Jodi Katsafanas - Pathways to Developing Interculturally Aware Teachers

Cate Crosby and Sara Lamb Kistler - Integrating Service Learning into a Course on Teaching English Language Learners and Looking at Preliminary Data

Royce Robertson and John McCarthy - The Relationship of Scholastic Achievement Test Scores to Performance on State Teacher Basic Skills Examinations

Maude Yacapsin - Student-Led Inquiry in Preservice Field Placements: iPad Technologies Empower Future Teachers

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 14 - 2015

Joel Erion and Mary Nientimp - Academic Advisement and the Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA)

Amy Gratch Hoyle - Collaborative Faculty Development with Part-Time Faculty in Teacher Education

Deborah E. Schadler - Aligning an Education Capstone Course with Best Practices in Teacher Preparation

Greer Richardson, Carol Pate, Deborah Yost, and Mary Williams - Cooperating Teachers as Instructional Coaches: Building Supportive Relationships with Pre-Service Teachers

Michele White - How Pre-Service Teachers Chose to Become Early Childhood or Middle Level Teachers

Amy Conner Love and Richard Sabousky - The Efficacy of Using a Self-Directed Phonics and Structural Analysis Program on Increasing the Literacy Knowledge of Pre-Service Teachers

Megan Scranton and Daniel McKee - The Power of Book Studies in Promoting Professional and Personal Growth in Pre-Service Teachers

Shelly Haser and Mary Ann Rafoth - Serving Military Families and Meeting the Needs of the Military-Connected PreK-12 Student: A Brief Intervention Model

Donna Kowalcyzk and Katie Monsour - Professional Development Plans: Tools for Teacher Educators

Daryl Rodgers and Mary Herman - Mandating a Change? Pre-Service Teachers’ Attitudes and Self-Efficacy Regarding English Language Learners

Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 15 - 2016

The Pennsylvania Teacher Educator, vol. 15 - 2016

The Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 16 - 2017

Augusto Z. Macalalag, Jr. Joseph Johnson, Michelle Lai - STEM Education Course: Enhancing K-12 Teachers’ Cultural Awareness Through Reflections of Socioscientific Issues

Stephanie Smith Budhai, Ph.D. Laura McLaughlin Taddei, Ed.D. - Developing Reflective Teachers through Voice- Recorded Reflections

Sheila J. Conway Kaitlyn, Brennan Paul W. Scott - A University Response to the Special Education Teacher Shortage: Extending Professional Development from Teacher Preparation into Novice Years

Greer M. Richardson, Ph. D. Deborah S. Yost, Ph. D. Alana Mellor, M.S. Ed. Allison Rudolph, M.S.Carol M. Pate, Ed. D - Collaborating for Change: Using Instructional Coaching and Professional Learning Communities to Support Reform at Multiple Levels of University-School Partnerships

Diane Nettles Angela Bloomquist Holly Diehl Deborah Grubb Kevin Koury Connie Monroe - Quantifying and Cultivating Professional Dispositions: One Educator Preparation Provider’s Story

Sarah R. Edwards Moore, Ph. D. Stephanie J. Gardner, Ph.D. - Navigating Supervision Challenges and Striving to Be a BEACON for Student Teachers

Reuben S. Asempapa Derek J. Sturgill James K. Adabor - Mathematical Modeling: A Teaching and Learning Strategy in School Mathematics

The Pennsylvania Teacher Educator - Vol. 17 - 2018

Barbara M. Hanes, Ed. D. Louise A. Whitelaw, Ph.D. Christopher Pugliese, M.A. Eran Magen, Ph.D. -- Teaching Relationship Skills in the Preparation of Pre-Service Teachers

Beverly R. Bryde Amber L. Gentile -- Student Teacher Perceptions on Teaching Social Justice


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