Board of Directors/Officers

Composition of the Board of Directors 

A. The Board of Directors shall consist of fourteen (14) voting members (hereinafter referred to as “directors”) (15 members when a community college representative is added):

  • the President 
  • the President-Elect 
  • the Past President  
  • the Treasurer 
  • four individual members regardless of institutional affiliation
  • three members from private institutions
  • three  public institution members from either state-owned (PASSHE) or state-related institutions, with at least one member from each.

B. One person representing a community college will be eligible for Board of Directors membership when a minimum of eight (8) community colleges become institutional members.

Qualifications for the Board of Directors

A. Directors shall be members of PAC-TE.

B. Directors shall be members of ATE

Director Tenure

A. The non-officer directors shall serve a three (3)-year term.

B. Non-officer directors may succeed themselves in office for one additional three (3)-year term and may run again for the position after at least one year of not serving as a non-officer director.

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