Audit Committee

  • Conducts an annual audit of the previous year's fiscal accounting
  • Reports results and recommendations to the Board of Directors

Nominations and Elections Committee

  • Committee is chaired by the Past President
  • Presents the names of nominees for each open position to the Board of Directors at its third regular meeting of the fiscal year


Spring Conference Planning Committee

  • Works with the Executive Director and Board of Directors to plan and support all aspects of the annual Spring Conference

Awards Committee

  • Chaired by the Past President, with two additional members
  • Work is done in August/September, reviewing Teacher Educator of the Year nominations
  • Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for the Friend of Education Award in September

Journal Committee

  • Solicit manuscripts for the PA Teacher Educator
  • Review and Select manuscripts to be published
  • Arrange for printing of the journal

Government Relations Committee

  • Chaired by the President-Elect
  • Investigate and recommend legislative policy positions on various legislative issues affecting teacher education
  • Develop strategies enabling it to be responsive to emergent issues coming to the attention of the committee

Pennsylvania Teacher Candidate Effectiveness Assessment Pilot

Professional Educator Certification

  • Monitor PDE and the State Board of Education as per possible decisions on certification that will affect quality teacher preparation
  • Make recommendations of changes needed in certification policy

Sponsorship Committee

  • Recommend possible sponsorship opportunities to the Board of Directors
  • Solicit sponsors

TEA Planning Committee

Committee members:

  • choose the annual fall conference theme
  • solicit and support general session speakers
  • evaluate proposals for small group sessions
  • preside at conference sessions
  • support the conference on-site in various ways.

The committee forms each year at a meeting at the previous year’s TEA. A second meeting is held as a drive-in meeting in State College.  Session proposals are reviewed electronically. The third and final meeting is held adjacent to PAC-TE’s Spring Conference.

Committee members must attend at least two of the meetings and review proposals in order to be listed in the TEA program. 

Join the TEA Planning Committee and help plan and deliver next years Fall Conference.

PAC-TE School Safety and the Prevention of Violence Committee 

After the 2012 school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, PAC-TE took action – The Ad Hoc  Committee on School Safety and the Prevention of Violence was approved by the Board of Directors and a chair and members appointed.  Since then this active committee has twice surveyed member institutions and has developed two position papers, both of which are linked below.  In addition the committee, supported by two ATE LFTE grants matched by PAC-TE, has developed and is continuing to develop resources for teacher preparation programs to use in teacher candidate instruction and faculty professional development.  On Thursday, October 29, at the PAC-TE 2015 Teacher Education Assembly, committee members will introduce and provide access to these resources to PAC-TE members.  In  February 2016 at the annual conference of the Association of Teacher Educators access will also be provided to ATE members.

The Committee's Mission

Committed to safe schools and by extension safe communities, the committee believes that pre-service teachers should be prepared to help ALL students to learn and feel safe and accepted in their schools and communities.  Pre-service teachers should exhibit empathy and compassion for ALL students and try to holistically understand what children are experiencing.





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