Institutional Membership

Institutional Members – regionally accredited colleges, universities, and community colleges in Pennsylvania engaged in the preparation of professional educators.

Representatives appointed by the institution are full members of PAC-TE, with entitlement to all membership services and rights, including the rights to vote and hold office.

Download 2021-2022 Institutional Dues Application here.


Teacher education students graduated by your institution (9/1/2020 – 8/31/2021)

Entitled number of representatives  Dues 
 1 to 75 3 $260.00
 76 to 150 $320.00
 151 to 225 $380.00
 226 to 300 $440.00
 301 or more  $500.00 

(AACTE Institutions are entitled to an additional PAC-TE Institutional Representative.) 

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