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Teacher Education Day

PAC-TE will hold its 6th Teacher Education Day at the State Capitol in Harrisburg on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. 

The goals for the day are to familiarize members of the Pennsylvania Legislature and the public with the mission and work of PAC-TE, and to discuss current issues related to educator preparation in Pennsylvania. If you believe Act 91 or any other recent legislature is impacting teacher education, or if you have some suggestions for your legislators to consider, why not make it a priority to attend if you can. It is hard to beat in-person conversations for their power to get people thinking.

We need you to join us in Harrisburg on Tuesday, April 12, 2022 to demonstrate the strength of PAC-TE’s membership and to interact personally with your State Representative and State Senator.  PAC-TE will be able to advocate more effectively on your behalf if you and other members help us build working relationships with those who represent you in state government.  In addition to your participation, please also consider bringing along one or two teacher candidates who are able to talk about the positive features of their preparation programs.

To register (so we can prepare and have a reasonable estimate of attendees), please click here

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