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Who is PAC-TE?

Each year more than 75 Pennsylvania institutions of higher education join PAC-TE, appointing over 300 member representatives. In addition, over 80 individuals join PAC-TE annually - - faculty, administrators, students, retirees, and basic education partners. Consequently PAC-TE is the unified voice of professional educator preparation in Pennsylvania.

PAC-TE is dedicated to providing strong advocacy and support for professional educator preparation within the commonwealth by:

• promoting quality programs of professional educator preparation;

• working with professional colleagues who are dedicated to the concept of education for all children and youth;

• collaborating with professionals who believe that the quality of education depends upon the effectiveness of those who teach and support teaching;

• advocating the improvement of professional educator performance and professional educator preparation programs;

• providing opportunities for the individual professional growth of all persons who are concerned with professional educator preparation; and

• serving various councils and committees of national, state, and local government and professional associations in the ongoing effort to improve the professional status and image of professional educator preparation.

 PAC-TE influences teacher education by:

• providing a variety of forums for discussion of issues that are of concern to all who are engaged in professional educator preparation;

• serving as a unified, collective voice for professional educator preparation in Pennsylvania;

• facilitating and coordinating the development of teacher education associations and the individual professional development of teacher educators and other professional educators; and

• maintaining its role as one of the most active and supportive state affiliates of ATE and AACTE.

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