PAC-TE's Strategic Plan

PAC-TE Strategic Plan 2020-2022



Action Steps

Who Responsible


Actions Needed

Progress Made

 (June 2021)





Continue work of Committee on Committees to review findings of previous review, re-examine charges, and develop strategies for growing engagement through committee work.


Ad hoc Committee on committee structure

 Ongoing; report every 2 years.

Recommendations to President to be reviewed and decisions on committees to be made.

Charges/Purposes to be distributed to committee leadership and members.

Committees Reviewed. Membership confirmed.

Current list placed on website.

School Safety committee to be phased out after grant money has been spent. Current effort spearheaded by Kate McKinnon.


Conduct a review of the PAC-TE website for content, organization, and usability.

Ad Hoc committee on technology.


Committee to be constituted by Jan. 2021

Report to President by Spring conference, April 2021

Committee to look at:

possible 3rd party development and maintenance of website.

Use and maintenance of website

Possible communication director/ committee

Ad Hoc committee formed.

Consultation with firm completed.

Review of current website completed.

Committee work continues to determine redesign.


Successfully fill the Executive Director position

President, Past-President

Filled by September 2021

Work with Jay & committee  to decide timeline and implement plan

Call for applications completed.

Applications being accepted until August 1, 2021.

Review and subsequent hiring to be completed by committee prior to Fall TEA.

Membership Expansion




Continue effort to bring in Community Colleges/2 year institutions – Increase such membership by 2 institutions by 2021-2022.


President, executive director, and executive committee

Updates at the conclusion of each semester

Reach out to NWRC after accreditation.



Recruitment of new members – Increase the number of individual members of PAC-TE by 5%.


President, executive director, and executive committee

Updates at the conclusion of each semester

 Check on 5% goal



Expand on graduate students’ participation in the organization – Identify additional roles for graduate students at association events or on committees.


President, executive director, and executive committee

By Fall TEA 2021

Implement Graduate Proposal

Grad proposal implementation for fall TEA



Action Steps

Who Responsible



Progress Made

(June 2021)


Membership Engagement




Create additional opportunities for PAC-TE members to engage with PAC-TE.  Use findings of committee on committee structure to identify opportunities for engagement.


Full Board; Committee on committees


 Target conferences and website changes.

Focus on adding new members to ad hoc.

(Dovetail with Administration #1)

Discussion of finding Spring conference co-chair from outside board.


Investigate the use of various social media to communicate broadly about PAC-TE and, if possible, establish at least one social media presence (e.g., Twitter)


President and other interested members of the board


Investigate the possibility of establishing a committee or a communications director

(dovetail with Administration #2)

This still needs to be investigated


Create opportunities for Divisions to become more active.  Collaborate with the chairs to help them set goals for their divisions and to take steps to meet their goals.  Examples of potential areas of endeavor:  Diversifying the teaching workforce, expanding the diversity of PAC-TE (Learning and Learner Diversity Division) and pushing the envelope of innovative practice in clinical experiences (Clinical Experiences Division).

President and Division facilitators

Work of Divisions will be ongoing;

Progress by April 2021

 President to set meeting with Division Chairs by / at Spring conference 2021.

It was decided to let Divisions go as a formal entity. However, there will be discussion as to how to keep the opportunity for discussion and collaboration at the Fall TEA as well as the Spring conference.





State Government – Strengthen existing relationships and develop new relationships with individuals in state government, and state governmental agencies or entities. Deliberately interact with new Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Education as well as BSLTQ Chief.


President and President-elect


Maintain presence at State Board meetings; continue with PAC-TE/PDE roundtable discussions; reach out for informal lunch meetings; letters of congratulations to new appointees.

Board members to volunteer to attend State Board meetings in Harrisburg.

Board member from private institution to join Exec Board members on PDE consultation group.


KCEA – Refocus the group in order to bolster attendance and engage members on common issue and concerns.  Identify at least one common issue and co-develop a strategy around that issue.


Past-president as convener of KCEA

Update as we approach KCEA gathering at 2021 TEA

 Convene KCEA in Jan 2021

Convene KCEA in 2022 or by zoom as necessary.  Focus on best practices for educational organizations.  Convene when topic of mutual interest/concern arises.


Collaborative Advocacy – Foster relationships with PSEA, PSBA and State IU Assoc.; expand to other organizations after those have been established


Past-president as convener of KCEA and president-elect as chair of GRC


Update as we approach Teacher Education Day 2021; 2022


GRC has made connections with each of these organizations and continues to interact.

Board voted for PAC-TE to officially join the PEDC to solidify positive perspectives on issues of DEI.






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