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    PAC-TE endorses . . .   

    "A Call for   

    More Effective   

    Prevention of Violence"  

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    Do you help prepare Pennsylvania professional educators?

    If so, please consider joining your colleagues in PAC-TE... 

    New members are always welcome.  Join online with a credit card or download a membership application and mail it in to PAC-TE Headquarters, 56 S. Third St., Hamburg, PA 19526

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    Join Us In Implementing PAC-TE's
    2014-2016 Strategic Plan Goals: 

      • establish & implement policy, annual calendar, roles and procedures for PAC-TE's ongoing advocacy efforts

      • use alternative delivery formats to expand & extend PAC-TE's professional development offerings & networking opportunities

      • expand PAC-TE membership & membership involvement in PAC-TE

      • increase PAC-TE income through revenue sources beyond membership & conference registration

      • collaborate with other educational associaitons in providing information & conducting advocacy activities


Welcome to PAC-TE!                                        

PAC-TE is a nonprofit professional association for all those in Pennsylvania who are engaged in the preparation and development of professional educators. 

PAC-TE is dedicated to providing strong advocacy for professional educator preparation within the commonwealth. 

The purpose of PAC-TE as the voice for professional educator preparation in Pennsylvania is to promote quality professional educator preparation programs and to provide opportunity for individual professional growth for all persons in Pennsylvania engaged in professional educator preparation.

PAC-TE welcomes individual, institutional, and associate members.