Welcome to PAC-TE

PAC-TE is a nonprofit professional association for all those in Pennsylvania who are engaged in the preparation and development of professional educators. 

PAC-TE is dedicated to providing strong advocacy for professional educator preparation within the Commonwealth. 

The purpose of PAC-TE as the voice for professional educator preparation in Pennsylvania is to promote quality professional educator preparation programs and to provide opportunity for individual professional growth for all persons in Pennsylvania engaged in professional educator preparation

Call for Nominations


Calling all PAC-TE members!
Here is an opportunity for you to become involved in your organization!

With recent approval of the PAC-TE Board restructuring plan at the Annual Business Meeting on Thursday, November 1, 2018, we are now ready to move forward with a call for nominees for the 2019 election.  The restructured Board now has the following composition:

  • Private Institutions:3 seats
  • Public Institutions:3 seats (at least one state system and at least one state related)
  • At Large:4 seats

Given the new structure and the Board-approved transition plan, which will bring us into compliance by the year 2020, the following positions are open for the 2019 election:

  • 1 Private Institution Representative
  • 2 At-Large Representatives (any PAC-TE member regardless of current institutional affiliation)

Please note the following points about Board membership:

  • The terms for all three positions are June 1, 2019 to May 31, 2022.
  • PAC-TE Board members are required by association bylaws to be individual or institutional representative members of PAC-TE and members of ATE.If you are not currently a member of ATE, you would need to join ATE if you are elected to a Board position.
  • You may self-nominate or nominate another PAC-TE member, with that person’s prior knowledge and permission
  • The PAC-TE Board of Directors meets five times per year.Two meetings are held via video conference in early September and early January.Two meetings are held in person at the time of the fall conference and spring conference.One two-day meeting is held in June.

To nominate yourself or another PAC-TE member, please submit a digital photo and the following information of no more than 200 words, in paragraph form, organized according to the following categories:

  1. Name, title
  2. Present position
  3. Educational background
  4. Professional experience
  5. Professional memberships
  6. Professional activities
  7. Prior involvement in PAC-TE

Please send the preceding information electronically to Kevin Zook, Past-president and Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee by December 1, 2018.


Please email or call Kevin with any questions (267-341-3565).

PAC-TE Strategic Plan

The Board of Directors of PAC-TE approved a new strategic plan in September, 2016.  PAC-TE's Strategic Plan is organized around four major areas: Advocacy, Membership, Resources, and Administration.

Quick Resources


PAC-TE is a state unit of AACTE

PAC-TE is a state unit of ATE



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Membership Renewals for 2018-2019

Membership Renewal notices have recently been sent out to all institution and individual members. The renewal of your institutional and individual memberships are vital if PAC-TE is to continue to be a viable influence in teacher and educational leader preparation affairs within our state and through our involvement with ATE and AACTE.  PAC-TE also plays a significant role in providing faculty with important information, affordable professional development, and opportunities to showcase their research, teaching and programs. Don't miss important communications - log in to renew today!  Thank you.