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PAC-TE is a nonprofit professional association for all those in
Pennsylvania who are engaged in the preparation and development of
professional educators. 

PAC-TE is dedicated to providing strong advocacy for professional
educator preparation within the Commonwealth. 

The purpose of PAC-TE as the voice for professional educator preparation
in Pennsylvania is to promote quality professional educator preparation
programs and to provide opportunity for individual professional growth
for all persons in Pennsylvania engaged in professional
educator preparation.


In case you haven't heard, PAC-TE's journal, The Pennsylvania Teacher Educator, is now going to two editions per year with 2021 being the first year. The journal committee, with editor Jason Hilton, has the first edition for 2021 at the printers as this Update goes out. The committee is now seeking manuscripts for the second edition. For information about submitting a manuscript, click here.
The journal will be distributed in the following manner...print copies will be $10/copy/edition with the hard-copy form as part of the registration process for the fall Teacher Educator Assembly, October 27-29. The online journal is available to everyone at no charge with the current and past editions available by clicking here to go directly to ALL issues of The Pennsylvania Teacher Educator.

Deadline for applications is July 20, 2021

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2021 marks the fourth year of PAC-TE's Professional Achievement Awards. These awards are in three distinct categories:


This year's awards will be presented at the TEA banquet on October 27, 2021. Each award carries with it ONE complimentary registration to the 2021 TEA, a presentation position during the 2021 TEA conference, and a beautifully engraved plaque for all involved in the award.
Award specifics and application procedures can be found after logging in, by clicking here to go directly to the application form.

JUNE 1, 2021

Don't wait until MAY 31st to apply!

PAC-TE Executive Director Position

Dear PAC-TE members,

Our longtime colleague and friend, Dr. Jay Hertzog, has indicated that his current contract as the Executive Director of PAC-TE will be his last.  I am chairing a search committee comprised of several members of the PAC-TE Board of Directors.  Our task, of course, is to find Jay’s successor.  Clicking on this link will take you to the posting for the position in PDF format.  The search committee and I would very much appreciate it if you could share it as widely as possible and encourage anyone to apply who you believe would be a great Executive Director.

PAC-TE has a very strong voice in educator preparation in Pennsylvania.  Our Executive Director is an important reason why this is the case.  Please help us find someone to succeed Jay who can continue the work needed for us to remain strong.

Thank you very much.
George Drake
PAC-TE Past President and Search Committee Chair  



June 1 - Deadline for Executive Directors' Scholarship
June 1 - Deadline for Professional Achievement Awards
July 1 - September 30 - Nominations for Teacher Educator of the Year (watch future Updates for information)
July 1 - September 30 - Nominations for PAC-TE board (watch future updates for information)
October 27-29, 2021 - 50th Anniversary TEA (in-person and hybrid)





An item that drew the attention of the GRC centered on transfer students and the new law that was being implemented regarding these students. Chair John Ward got in touch with Debra Heath-Thornton, Director of the Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality, who provided the following information (click here).


SB 1216 was signed into law and is known as ACT 136.  The bill includes many important provisions for teacher education.  The legislation gives the Secretary of Education the ability to:

  • Continue approving Pk-8 and 7-12 Special Education certifications for teacher candidates who are continuously enrolled and started their programs prior to December 31, 2021
  • Waive basic skills testing through June 30, 2021 (please see note below)
  • Issue temporary provisional certificates to program completers who meet all requirements except the satisfactory completion of the assessments required pursuant to 22 Pa Code 49.18© because the assessments were
    canceled or could not be scheduled

It is very important to understand that this does not mean that basic skills testing requirements have been waived or that provisional certification will not be implemented.  The bill gives the Secretary of Education the ability to enact these as needed.  It will be important to look for PDE updates on how the legislation will be implemented.

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Who's that really GREAT student (graduate or undergraduate) you have that could use some extra help financially? Why not suggest that he/she apply for the PAC-TE Executive Directors' Scholarship? 
2017 was the first year that PAC-TE offered its Executive Directors' Scholarship ($1,000) to honor all past PAC-TE Executive Directors. The committee, headed by PAC-TE Treasurer, Joe Domaracki, is looking forward to receiving OUTSTANDING nominees for this year’s award.
The scholarship is awarded to a deserving Undergraduate or Graduate Student pursuing teacher certification at a college or university in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania AND who has a GPA of 3.5 or higher. 
Deadline for applications is June 1, 2021
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click here to go directly to the application after you log into the PAC-TE site).