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The  Pennsylvania  Association  of  Colleges  and  Teacher  Educators  publishes a peer-reviewed  journal  — the  Pennsylvania  Teacher  Educator. Our journal is intended to provide PAC-TE members with a venue to capture current research that makes use of quantitative, qualitative, and/or mixed-methods approaches, as well as rigorous theoretical works that capture current research, advances, and changes in the emerging directions of teacher education. Publication decisions are made following a blind review process. Starting in 2021, Pennsylvania Teacher Educator will move to publishing two issues per year.  Read more to find out about our current deadline and procedures...



The PAC-TE Board election opened at noon, Friday, October 29th, and closed at midnight on Tuesday, November 30th.  Thank you to all members that voted. Election results will be posted here in the near future. 


Individual New/Renew

As you may know, membership in PAC-TE runs from July 1 to June 30.  Well, that means that  IT'S TIME TO RENEW 

ALL individual membership dues remain the same for 2021-2022 as they have since 2018 at:

* $60 for continuing membership
* $40 for First Time Members
* $20 for Student Members
* $30 for Retired Members

For INSTANT ACCESS to our membership form click here.

Institutional Membership New/Renewal

Institutional membership is a GREAT way for your college/university/program to become involved as:

Institutional membership dues (remaining the same for 2021/2022 as they were for the past two years) are based upon the number of teacher education graduates from your program for the most recent academic year. Institutional membership keeps your college/department "in the know" for all things related to teacher preparation as well as providing institutional membership for many faculty in your program.

1-75 teacher education grads -- $260 (plus 3 faculty members)
76 - 150 teacher education grads -- $320 (plus 4 faculty members)
151 - 225 teacher education grads -- $380 (plus 5 faculty members)
226 - 300 teacher education grads -- $440 (plus 6 faculty members)
300 + teacher education grads -- $500 (plus 7 faculty members)

IHE's/programs that also are members of AACTE (one of our parent associations), receive one additional faculty PAC-TE membership with their paid membership.

For institutional membership, click here for INSTANT ACCESS to the institutional membership site.


April 5, 2022 - PAC-TE's  Spring Conference (Virtual - no travel requirements!)

October 25 -28, 2022 - PAC-TE's Teacher Education Assembly at the Best Western Premier, the Central Hotel and Conference Center.


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Welcome to PAC-TE

PAC-TE is a nonprofit professional association for all those in Pennsylvania who are engaged in the preparation and development of professional educators. 


PAC-TE is dedicated to providing strong advocacy for professional educator preparation within the Commonwealth. 


The purpose of PAC-TE as the voice for professional educator preparation in Pennsylvania is to promote quality professional educator preparation programs and to provide opportunity for individual professional growth for all persons in Pennsylvania engaged in professional educator preparation.