Sponsorship for Annual Conference

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a PAC-TE Annual Conference.  Please complete all required information below.

This form must be received by PAC-TE no later than August 31, 2023 (February 1, 2024 for Spring Conference).

We will provide sponsorship for the following segment(s) of the Fall Conference October 25-27, 2023: *
From 1 to 4 Graduate student conference assistants at $ 300/student *
Special snack/beverage breaks ($500 each) *
Recharging Station for event staff and speakers to rest, charge devices, check email, and refresh with healthy snacks. $200 per day. *
Whova app Tutors can provide one on one assistance to conference attendees who are unfamiliar with or have technical trouble with their conference event app. We hope to have a tutor each of the first two days of the conference, with your support.
NAMING RIGHTS on one of the main session rooms for one entire day. Our agenda will use your company name to identify the room to attendees, and a sign with your logo will be attached near the entrance of the room. For example, "The PAC-TE Room".
If you have no preference for how your donation is used, click here.

Clear Selection

You may skip beyond the Spring Conference items and complete the required information at the end. If you are interested in sponsoring the Spring Conference--our one-day virtual event on the Whova App, please select from the items below the line, and then continue on to the required items at the end of the form. Thank you.


PAC-TE Spring Conference Sponsorship

We will sponsor a portion of the PAC-TE Spring Conference (1-day virtual event on March 20, 2024 with the following donation:


All sponsors please check the following before submitting your form. Thank you for your support!

Upload your company logo in re-sizeable jpeg or png format, in black/white or color here. *
Upload a document or PDF with public information about your company here. We may use the information to publicize your company's association with our conference themes.
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