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A good number of Spring Conference attendees and PAC-TE members have written asking how to get in touch with the presenters from the Spring Conference.  The following presenters have given their permission to be contacted, their topics, and their contact information:
  • Noe Ortega -- Opening remarks and a Fireside Chat --
  • Jennifer Robinson -- Keynote Speaker and Fireside Chat --
  • Ron Cowell (EPLC) presented "Issues Related to the Teacher Shortage in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" --
  • Colleen Lelli (Cabrini University) discussing "Helping Teacher Educators Create Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms" --
  • Rae Ann Hirsh and Jennifer Pyles (affiliated with OCDEL) presenting on "Piloting a Statewide Early Childhood Education Workforce Pathway: An Overview;" and "Taking a Deeper Dive into a Statewide Early Childhood Education Workforce Pathway" --;
  • Angela Campbell and Ronald Whitaker, II, (Cabrini University) presenting "A Conversation about Promising Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategies for PA" and "Driven to Successfully Transform Teacher Preparation for Diverse 21st Century Learners" --
  • Christina Baumer -- PDE Update --