2017 TEA 

Special Opportunity for Collaboration through Conversation


For the past several years, a number of TEA evaluation forms have requested that the conference include an opportunity to engage with colleagues about important topics in teacher education and teacher education courses. Our long-term hope is that the sessions will lead to ongoing collaboration across institutions and perhaps even syllabus sharing.  We believe that these one-hour conversations are a good way to start the process.


The session will be structured to allow participants to respond to a variety of conversation prompts such as key outcomes, challenges, successes, promising practices, assignments, assessments and useful resources.  A member of the TEA Planning Committee will facilitate each session to try to insure that all participants will have a chance to participate.


1) Assessment

2) Developing Professional Ethics

3) Online Teaching

4) Teaching with Technology

5) Culturally Responsive Teaching

6) Inclusion

7) Teaching for a Global World

8) Learning from Field Experiences

9) Teaching English Language Learners

10) Recruiting and Retaining Teachers


Collaborative Conversations will take place on Thursday afternoon, October 26th from 2:30- 3:20.

You will find specific information about the location of each conversation in the Conference Program.

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