Teacher Education Day Information

Members, please plan to join PAC-TE for the 2nd Teacher Education Day on May 23, 2017.  The event is designed to be a day of advocacy for Teacher Preparation in Pennsylvania.

This year’s theme is Revitalizing Teaching in Pennsylvania.  The goals for the day are to familiarize members of the Pennsylvania Legislature with the mission and work of PAC-TE and to discuss current issues related to Pennsylvania teacher educators.  In response to teacher shortages across the state, PAC-TE’s theme for Teacher Education Day 2017, Revitalizing Teaching in Pennsylvania, is supported by recent data showing that the number of teacher certifications issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education declined by 62% from 2012 to 2015 (PA Certifications by Subject Areas, 2011-2016).  Now is the time to promote teaching as a valued and essential profession.

Although the centerpiece of the event is the press event at 1pm in the Capitol Rotunda with remarks by PAC-TE, key members of the legislature, and advocates for strong education in Pennsylvania; the essential component of the event are the meetings PAC-TE members have with their elected officials in the Pennsylvania Senate and House of Representatives.

This year, PAC-TE urges you to consider bringing one or two teacher candidates from your institution to the event.  Teacher candidates who can articulate the reasons they have chosen teaching as a profession and the importance of the work they are preparing to do are often very powerful voices for our elected officials to hear.

Use the link below to register for the event.  Once you register, you will receive information about how to schedule appointments with those members of the legislature who represent your home districts. 

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