Registration Policies:

Please note that membership in PAC-TE does not include conference registration fees. Please also note that institutional membership in PAC-TE entitles the institution to a specific # of members, from 3-8, who are appointed by the institution administration. You are welcome to check with the PAC-TE Executive Director as to your membership status.

Refund Policy:  Notice of cancellation of conference registration and request for refund of conference registration fees must be made in writing to PAC-TE's Executive Director no later than one month prior to the conference. All refund requests received after this date will be denied. A $25 administrative fee will be deducted from all conference refunds.

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Professional Achievement Awards
PAC-TE offers three Professional Achievement Awards to recognize the outstanding work of its members: Outstanding Dissertation Award,Distinguished Research Award,Exemplary Service/Partnership Award. To be considered for these awards, application materials must be received by May 1, 2019.  Award recipients will be honored at the Fall TEA Awards Dinner.  Recipients also will receive a one-year complimentary PAC-TE membership and the opportunity to present at the Fall TEA. For additional information, please click here.